20 February 2010


Even with a few minor tweaks to the site forthcoming, we still decided to go ahead with our first press release.  You can read it here.

I'm excited that we're gaining credibility by utilizing these news outlets, although I'm bummed we weren't able to embed our Demo reel on any of the releases.  Most sites only accept YouTube currently, and we're hosted on Vimeo.  Hopefully they will start allowing the longer (and much higher quality) Vimeo embeds soon.


26 January 2010

We're Live!

After months of hard work (too many at this point to count), the Next Episode site is now online in all its glory.

I have many people to thank, but particularly Cindy Bird of Media3 Group for the beautiful design and the bulk of the programming, as well as Matt Drollinger from Smart Interactive Media for help with final coding.

I'm excited to be able to finally show off our work, as well as what we're capable of doing.  I can only hope you'll find what's inside as rewarding to watch as it was for us to make.

Here's to a kicking off the decade with a bang.

Now let's find out what's on Next...