15 December 2009

My First Blog Post EVER

That's right. You read correctly. I have never posted a blog before in my life.

Ok... I've never posted my *own* blog before. I've written a few over at doorQ, but this is the first for me, and the first for Next Episode. I suppose there's a first time for everything, eh?

In truth, I'm not totally on board with the whole blogging thing. I absolutely refuse to support the idea of bloggers supplanting traditional journalists. Journalism is not without its problems (particularly in the popular television media), but professional writing should be done by professionals, not every schlub with a laptop.

But I'll jump down off my soapbox by saying that I do believe that blogs are critical to maintain communication between business and the market. For small companies run by a few individuals, they are even more important.

So it's with that in mind that this blog will maintain a professional presence with a personal touch, just as I intend to do with this company. Whether you are a client, or a client's client, in the end you are all our audience. And without an audience, the show can't possibly go on.


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